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Wacker Nordhausen

Ground: Albert-Kuntz-Sportpark

Visits: 1

Date: 8th August 2018

Match: Wacker Nordhasuen - Meuselwitz  3-0  (Regionalliga Nordost)

Attendance: 1 146

There were several fixtures in 3. Liga on Wednesday evening. SF Lotte (v Groosaspach) or Hansa Rostock (v Wiesbaden) would have been new grounds for me but I decided to stay in the southern part of eastern Germany. Nordhausen is not far from Jena and in Regionalliga Nordost Wacker Nordhausen would host Meuselwitz at Albert-Kuntz-Sportpark. I decided to go to Nordhausen on Wednesday and then travel back home to Sweden by train on Thursday. I was not in a hurry on Wednesday morning and slept late. To be honest, due to the temperatures I didn´t sleep much but at 11am my RB-train left Jena West. I changed trains in Erfurt and arrived in Nordhausen around 1pm. My hotel was across the street from the station but unfortunately no AC in this room either. The hotel was nice though and the room is one of the biggest rooms I have ever stayed in. Anyway, I had a look around in the city centre of Nordhausen before finding a restaurant with a beer garden. Being hungry I ordered a Waldschnitzel and as usual it was delicious. Kick-off in the game was supposed to be 18.00 but due to the weather conditions kick-off was moved to 19.00. Being soaked in sweat (more or less!) I could fully understand this decision.

Sometimes my planning is not what it used to be and today was one of those occasions. According to my research Albert-Kuntz-Sportpark was next to the Parkallé tram stop, the end station of line 2. I couldn´t see the ground though and looked at my phone which said it was still 15-16 minutes by foot to the ground. I was at the ground around 18.10 and bought a ticket for the seated stand. Albert-Kuntz-Sportpark has a capacity of around 6 000. The West Stand is the only seated stand and it has a capacity of 1 088. For this game there was no segregation and a few Meuselwitz fans were sitting in the West Stand tonight. The seats are wooden benches though and if the club is promoted to 3. Liga a major upgrade is needed. My friend Julian would come to Nordhausen as well for this match but arriving as the game was about to start he told me I could enter once I was there and then tell him where I was. His only demand was it should be a stand in the shade. I found two empty seats in the top tow and shortly after kick-off he showed up. The attendance this evening was given as 1 146, a decent crowd for Regionalliga, and with Wacker Nordhausen winning 3-0 most of them left with a smile on their face. I stayed behind to take pictures but I still made the 21.30 tram bringing me back to the city centre of Nordhausen.

My tour was coming to an end and at 08.38 on Thursday morning my RB-train left Nordhausen and we were in Göttingen on time. ICE to Hamburg was 60 minutes delayed though and I missed the 13.28 to Copenhagen. 14.50 via Fredericia was fully booked but I got a reservation for the 17.28, still ok and I had a nice dinner at a restaurant to kill some time. At 17.00 the 17.28-train was cancelled due to a suicide on the track. Re-booked again, to the 19.01 via Fredericia and I would then be in Copenhagen 01.43. Train stopped after 10 minutes at Hamburg-Altona (the storm) and we stayed at Altona until 23.30. Train rolled back to Hamburg Hbf and was connected to another train and because so many were going to Copenhagen half train went straight to Copenhagen and at 00.16 we left Hamburg. Via re-routing I was at the border 03.00. Tree on the tracks in Denmark but that was cleared after 30 minutes. At 07.30 I was finally in Copenhagen and 09.40 I was back home. The fun of train travelling!








Albert-Kuntz-Sportpark, entrance


North End


East Stand


East Stand


South Stand


West Stand




View of play


East Stand


View of play


View of play


South Stand


Ultras Nordhausen


Big flag


West Stand


West Stand


View from the kiosk queue