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Zvezda BGU

Ground: Stadion RTSOP-BGU

Visits: 1

Date: 4th May 2014

Match: Zvezda BGU - Isloch  2-3  (1. Division)

Attendance: 200


On Sunday morning I woke up shortly after 9am. After the adventures yesterday I decided to take it easy today. That meant staying in my hotel until 10.45 and then once again head towards "Instituty Kultury", my nearest metro station. From there I travelled three stops and upon arrival I was met by Alexander. The other Germans in the group decided to go to Zhodino for their match against BATE Borisov (kick-off 14.00) Alexander and I stayed in Minsk for the second division match at Stadion RTSOP-BGU, Zvezda BGU vs Isloch. Kick-off for our match was 12.00 meaning time for sightseeing in Minsk before meeting up with the others at Stadion Traktor for the second match of the day, Dinamo Minsk vs Belshina (kick-off 17.00). As Alexander and I left the metro station we, despite my map, couldn´t figure out where to go. We asked a local for help, he looked at our map and smiled when I said "Stadion". He didn´t speak English but pointed at himself and said "Stadion". He was actually on his way to the match as well!


Zvezda BGU play at Stadion RTSOP-BGU, a small ground with only one stand. The other sides are surrounded by a fence only. Entrance was free for this match but to get in we had to pass around 10 policemen with metal detectors. No problems for us doing that and once inside the police allowed us (we asked "Photo ok?") to walk behind the goal in order to take pictures of the only stand. As the match was about to kick-off, Yuri (the Russian groundhopper), the three Dinamo Minsk fans and the other German groundhopping group (the one we met in Lithuania on Friday evening) showed up as well. When I told one of them, as a joke, he had to stay at least 45 minutes to count this as a ground visit everyone laughed and started to call me "Groundhopping-Police". I realize I shouldn´t have made this joke and from now on I will be known as GP and not PG! The match at Stadion RTSOP-BGU was actually quite entertaining. The visitors were 3-0 up but conceded two late goals and the final score was 2-3. Alexander and I then walked back to the metro station from where we travelled towards the city centre for some sightseeing.


wwii memorial

World War II memorial


victory square

Victory Square


victory square2

Victory Square


independant square

Independant Square


isle of tears1

Isle of Tears


isle of tears2

Isle of Tears


isle of tears

Isle of Tears


isle of tears3

Isle of Tears


isle of tears4

Isle of Tears






View of Minsk



Pictures from Zvezda BGU vs Isloch

west stand

West Stand


north end

North End








stadion rtsop-bgu, vy

View of Stadion RTSOP-BGU



View of Stadion RTSOP-BGU



View of play


south end

South End





pano, stadion rtsop-bgu1



pano, stadion rtsop-bgu4