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B36 Tórshavn

Ground: Gundadalur

Visits: 1

Date: 19th June 2016

Match: B36 Tórshavn - Klaksvík  0-1  (Meistaradeildin)

Attendance: 1 200


The game in Argir ended around 16.50 and 15 minutes later I had found a parking space and entered Gundadalur in central Tórshavn where my second game of the day was taking place. Gundadalur is situated next to Tórsvøllur, the national stadium in the Faroe Islands. Gundadalur is the home ground of the two "big" teams from Tórshavn, HB and B36 and has a capacity of around 4 000. The east side of the ground is a bit interesting since one stand is the HB stand while the other is the B36 stand and both clubs have their clubhouses in these stands. The west side is a covered all-seated stand and today that stand almost full. Klaksvik is the second most populated (pop 4 700) town in the Faroe Islands and is situated on Borðoy in the northernmost islands. For this game Klaksvíkar Ítróttarfelag (KÍ) brought around 750 fans to Tórshavn and throughout the match the atmosphere at Gundadalur was quite good. I visited Gundadalur on Friday evening and the weather was then very nice. As I returned on Sunday evening the weather was quite windy, cloudy and I needed my winter coat. I decided to sit in the HB part of the ground and as the game at Gundadalur progressed I noticed several of the HB players I had seen in action in Argir was now sitting in the same stand as myself.


KÍ started the game the better team and had several good chances before eventually scoring in the 31st minute. The away fans were of course in excellent mood as the half-time whistle was blown the pitch was invaded my young children (see picture below). In most countries it is strictly forbidden to enter the pitch but I have to say it was enjoyable seeing so many youngsters playing football at half-time. As the second half was about to start the referee had to convince some of them it was time to actually leave the pitch. The second half of the game was even but neither team could score and my last game ended 1-0 to the visitors from Klaksvík. After the game drove back to my hotel where I returned my rental car. I then headed towards the city centre to get something to eat and drink. The weather in the Faroe Islands had been quite good during my stay and I fully enjoyed this weekend. On Monday morning it was heavy rain and around 15 m/s but for Atlantic Airways this is something they are used to and I arrived in Copenhagen on time.





east stand1

East Stands (with Torsvøllur in the background)


east stand hb

HB´s stand


east stand b36

B36´s stand


east stand b362

B36´s stand


west stand

West Stand


west stand1

West Stand


west stand2

West Stand


players entering

Players entering the field





south end

South End



View of play


west stand3

West Stand


west stand4

West Stand


west stand5

Klaksvik fans



View of play



View of play


north end

North End


north end2

North End


north end3

North End


gundadalur, vy

View of Gundadalur


east stand2

East stands


east stand hb2

HB´s stand


east stand b363

B36´s stand


east stand b364

B 36´s stand





pano, gundadalur2



pano, gundadalur4



pano, gundadalur6