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Eskilstuna City

Ground: Tunavallen

Visits: 2 (1 for an Eskilstuna City game)

Date: 4th May 2012

Match: Eskilstuna City - Västerås SK  1-3  (Division 1 Norra)

Attendance: 2 109


Tunavallen in Eskilstuna is without a doubt an interesting ground to visit. The current "version" of Tunavallen was inaugurated in 2002 and the ground has a capacity of 7 800 of which 6 000 are covered seats. What makes the ground unique is the four towers of flats in each corner of the ground and these towers have 13 floors each. The best football team in the town, Eskilstuna City, currently play in Division 1 Norra (level 3) and with Västerås only being 30 km from Eskilstuna the biggest match of the year for Eskilstuna City is against Västerås SK. With Västerås having a proper fans culture I knew there was to be a decent away following at Tunavallen for this match. When fixtures for Division 1 Norra were published this was the first fixture I looked at and to my delight I discovered I was available to attend this match. It was played on a Friday evening but I knew I would be free from work that afternoon so I phoned my friends who live outside Eskilstuna and told them I was coming for two days. Eskilstuna is almost 500 km from where I live and I arrived shortly before 5pm. At 6.30 we were at the ground but there were not that many inside the ground. I was expecting 4 to 5 000 but for some reason "only" 2 100 turned up. 2 100 is a great attendance for level three football in Sweden but I have to say I was slightly disappointed. The actual match was not disappointing though. After 7 minutes it was 1-1 after two soft penalties. Västerås scored 2-1 in the first half and looked the better team. In the second half a goalkeeping error meant 3-1 to Västerås SK. The away supporters behind the goal went crazy and could celebrate Västerås´ first victory of the 2012 season. Credit to the VSK supporters who created a good atmosphere through-out the match and hopefully Västerås will start a good run from now on.



Tunavallen, rear of the North Stand


east stand

East Stand


south end

South End


west stand1

West Stand


west stand

A closer look at the West Stand


north end2

North Stand



How many floors?



Big flags



Eskilstuna fans


west stand3

West Stand





north stand3

North End



VSK fans





east stand3

East Stand


east stand4

A closer look at the East Stand


tunavallen, vy

View of Tunavallen


watching for free!

Watching for free


watching for free3

Watching for free


pano, tunavallen



pano, tunavallen8