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Ground: Åbyvallen

Visits: 1

Date: 2nd August 2014

Match: Fässberg - Ullared  2-4  (Division 3 Sydvästra Götaland)

Attendance: 112


Earlier in the summer a friend of mine, Christian, contacted me about the possibility of a double-header in Norway the first Sunday in August. Since Christian lives in Kungälv (near Gothenburg) I looked at fixtures in the Gothenburg area for the Saturday. To my delight I noticed it was possible for me to do two matches this day as well. Fässberg vs Ullared at 1pm and then Lindome vs Nike at 3pm. Fässberg play at Åbyvallen in Mölndal. It is around 250 km from Kristianstad to Mölndal and by 12.15 I was outside the ground. I had no idea what Åbyvallen would look like but since Jitex, who play in women´s Allsvenskan, also play at Åbyvallen I realized the ground would be quite good for a Division 3 club. There are two stands at Åbyvallen, the main stand is in the west side of the ground and has around 1 000 seats and feels like a proper stand. The small stand on the opposite side is a remain from the old days and has a few seats as well. Both ends are open. All in all a decent ground for a Division 3 club.


Fässberg were relegated from Division 2 Västra Götaland last year and being in the bottom three of Division 3 Sydvästra Götaland they are now in danger of back-to-back relegations. The match against newly promoted Ullared turned out to be a really entertaining match. At half-time it was 3-1 to the visitors. Fässberg then made it 2-3 from the penalty spot but two minutes later Ullared made it 2-4. Both teams had plenty of chances to score more goals but the 112 in attendance had to settle with six goals this afternoon. Fässberg are stuck in the relegation zone but Ullared are now second in the table. As the final whislte went I hurried to my car. My second match of the day, Lindome vs Nike, was a 15-minute drive away.


åbyvallen, outside

Outside Åbyvallen


west side

West Stand


west stand1

West Stand


west stand2

West Stand


north end

North End


east stand

East Stand


east stand1

East Stand


south end1

South End


players entering the pitch

Players entering the pitch





west stand3

West Stand


west stand4

West Stand





hungry fan

Hungry fan




east stand2

East Stand



View of play



View of play


pano, åbyvallen1



pano, åbyvallen3