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Ground: Töllshov

Visits: 1

Date: 17th May 2015

Match: Gnosjö - Råslätt  2-1  (Division 3 Sydvästra Götaland)

Attendance: 107


Being away all day on Saturday I slept late on Sunday morning. Staying in Gothenburg I had plenty of choices when it came to what match I would go to on my way back to Kristianstad. At first I looked at some of the Division 2 grounds I haven´t visited yet but in the end I decided to visit Töllshov in Gnosjö for the match in Division 3 Sydvästra Götaland between Gnosjö and Råslätt. From my hotel in Gothenburg it took around 1 h 45 minutes to drive to Gnosjö. In Sweden the area around Gnosjö is famous for the so called Gnosjöandan (Eng: The Gnosjö spirit). That means a lot of small enterprises and an energetic environment. The unemployment in Gnosjö (and surrounding towns/villages) is among the lowest in Sweden. The local football team has been successful in recent years as well. Last year Gnosjö IF were promoted from Division 4 and for the first time in 20 years the club is now playing in Division 3. Kick-off this windy Sunday was at 15.00 and around 13.00 I parked my car outside Töllshov. I went up to the ground for a few pictures and was advised by a friendly local to visit the nearby Sporthall in order to get something to eat. The cafeteria served excellent food and paying only 7 Euros it was one of the most priceworthy lunches I have had for quite some while!


As I once again made my way to the ground I was asked by some of the club officials who I was. For some reason it was obvious I was not a regular visitor to Töllshov (ok, I do take a lot of pictures!). When I told them about my website I was offered coffee and cheesecake and was given a programme. It was very windy in Gnosjö and it was not easy for the players. 1-1 at half-time though and in the second half both teams went for the winner. Gnosjö made it 2-1 before I witnessed something I have never seen at a match before. Apparently the regular Råslätt goalkeeper could not get to the match until the 60th minute. One of the regular outfield players had started in goal and when the goalkeeper arrived the player who started the match as Råslätt goalkeeper went to the sidelines and switch from the goalkeepers orange jersey to the outfield players red and blue. Another outfield player was then substituted and the "real" goalkeeper entered the match. I have seen a goalkeeper, who had been injured, being replaced by an outfield player in goal but not the opposite. Råslätt still lost the match but it would have been even more fascinating if the player who started in goal would have scored the equalizer. 2-1 to Gnosjö who are now fourth in the table. I went to five matches this weekend and as I returned home on Sunday evening I was quite tired. The friendly welcoming in Gnosjö made my day though and I wish the club the best in the future.






Welcome to Töllshov


töllshov, entrance

Töllshov, entrance


west stand1

West Stand


west stand

West Stand


south end

South End


east side

East side



Speaker´s box


north end

North End





players entering

Players and officials entering the field





west stand4

West Stand


west stand5

West Stand


west stand2

West Stand



View of play



Gnosjö fans



View of play



View of play



Ball boy retrieving ball kicked out of the ground


pano, töllshov3



pano, töllshov4