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Hakoah Amidar Ramat Gan

Ground: Winter Stadium

Visits: 1

Date: 21st February 2014

Match: Hakoah Amidar Ramat Gan - Hapoel Petah Tikva  1-1  (Liga Leumit)

Attendance: 1 000


In Israel matches in Liga Leumit (level 2) are played on Friday afternoon and Monday evening. For logistical reasons I wanted to visit Hakoah Amidar Ramat Gan vs Hapoel Petah Tikva and was pleased to find out this match was confirmed to kick-off at 15.00 on Friday afternoon. There was a, more or less, direct bus (#204) from my hotel to the ground. Matches in Liga Alef (level 3) are also played on Friday afternoon and since my bus went past Hatikva Stadium on its way to Winter Stadium I was hoping to do a double this day. Unfortunately the match at Hatikva Stadium, Hapoel Kfar Shalem vs Hapoel Marmorek, was confirmed as an 14.00 kick-off. Only one match for me but with both teams doing well in Liga Leumit I wasn´t too disappointed. Having had a very long Thursday I slept late on Friday and strolled in the city centre. The temperature would climb to 24 °C so a warm day ahead at Winter Stadium. Around 13.20 I boarded the bus from Ben Yehuda Street and was supposed to be at Winter Stadium 25 minutes later. Traffic was terrible though and the journey took almost 50 minutes.


Winter Stadiun has a capacity of around 8 000 (all-seated) and host Hakoah Amidar Ramat Gan as well as local rivals Hapoel Ramat Gan. Both ends of the ground are "fence only" but the West(main) Stand looks quite impressive. Hapoel Petak Tiva brought around 500 fans and were allocated the East Stand. As I understand it this stand is only used when the away team bring plenty of fans. The two-tiered West Stand is more than enough for most games. I wasn´t expecting to see so many inside the ground and was pleasantly surprised. Hakoah Maccabi Ramat Gan was established in 1959 by a merger of Hakoah Tel Aviv and Maccabi Ramat Gan. In 2005 Liga Artzit club Maccabi Ramat Amidar merged into Hakoah, with the club's name changed to Hakoah Maccabi Amidar Ramat Gan, though the "Maccabi" part has since been dropped.


A German groundhopper, Christopher from Braunschweig, showed up as well and we chatted for most of the match. The match itself was quite poor for around 60 minutes. Hakoah then made it 1-0 and from now on the visitors from Petah Tikva pressed on for a goal and in stoppage time they equalised. An ok match for the two groundhoppers present. After the final whistle I sneaked over to the other stand and could take some pictures of the West Stand. As soon as I left the stand it was locked up. Since there are no buses in Israel during the Sabbath (sunset Friday to sunset Saturday) we had to take a taxi back to central Tel Aviv. Tomorrow I go to Bethlehem before finishing off the trip with a top division match at Grundman Stadium in Ramat HaSharon.


winter stadium

Winter Stadium


west stand, rear

Rear of the West Stand


scarfs for sale

Away scarfs for sale


ticket office

Ticket office


north end

North End


east stand

East Stand


south end

South End


west stand1

West Stand



Hakoah fans



Hakoah flag





east stand2

East Stand


petak tikva-fans2

Hapoel Petah Tikva fans


petah tikva-fans

Scarfs are out!



View of play






Home fans celebrating


pano, winter stadium1