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Ground: Bläsebovallen

Visits: 1

Date: 12th October 2013

Match: Lärje/Angered - Norrby  0-3  (Division 2 Västra Götaland)

Attendance: 1 196 (All-time attendance record for Lärje/Angered)


In 2015 the club changed its named to Angered United


In October matches in Sweden are either very interesting or without any importance whatsoever. In Division 2 Västra Götaland Lärje/Angered hosted Norrby in the last round. With the two teams being first and second in the table, with the same number of points, this was definately a match that fell into the "very interesting" category. Lärje/Angered had a slightly better goal difference so a draw would be enough for them to win the league and gain back to back promotions. Lärje/Angered play their matches at Bläsebovallen in Angered, a northern suburb to Gothenburg. From Kristianstad it is around 270 km to Angered and shortly after 10 am I left home. Three hours later I was outside Bläsebovallen. The ground is quite basic but with some good natural viewing spots I guess it serves the needs of Lärje/Angered. As I walked towards the entrance it was clear this was a big match. Around 200 people inside the ground already and outside the ground I noticed 5-6 policemen as well. For matches in Division 2 presence from the police is very unususal. I think this is the first match at this level where I have seen the police. Before, during and after the match they didn´t have to work too hard though but with so much at stake I guess it was a good idea to be prepared.


Angered has a huge immigrant population and inside the ground it was obvious Lärje/Angered have players in their teams from most corners of the world. Football play a big part for integration in Angered (and other suburbs) but I am not sure everyone in Sweden realize things like this. As kick-off approached the ground filled up nicely and in total almost 1 200 turned up for this match. This was announced as a new record attendance for a Lärje/Angered home match. In the first 45 minutes those present had to watch a quite boring match. A home player was sent off for an elbow but apart from that absolutely nothing interesting happened. The second half started slow as well but with the visitors from Borås needing a win they attacked more and more and with ten minutes to go Norrby scored from a corner, 0-1. This meant Lärje/Angered need a goal and the last 15 minutes (six minutes of stoppage time) were really entertaining. In the 89th minute the Lärje/Angered goal-keeper went up to the opposite penalty area to help out as the home team had a corner. The goal-keeper very nearly scored with a header, the ball bounced off several players, mis-hit clearances before the Norrby goal-keeper finally had the ball in his hands. He sprinted towards the edge of his penalty area, ran with the ball for almost 10 meters before kicking it as long as he could. A Norrby player was the first to reach the ball and could kick the ball into an empty net. 2-0 to Norrby and wild celebrations on and off the pitch. Norrby had more than 100 fans at this match and after the match, which eventually finished 0-3, away fans and players celebrated on the pitch. I joined in as well! This was a really good day out and one of my last domestic matches of the year. Next weekend I will go to Åtvidaberg to take some pictures of their redeveloped ground and I hope to combine my visit with a play-off match as well.


bläsebovallen, entrance

Entrance to Bläsebovallen


north stand

North Stand


east end

East End


south side

South side


west end

West End


press box

Press box



Long queue






Police talking to a Norrby fan


players entering

Players entering the field


watching for free

Watching for free


north stand3

North Stand



Lärje/Angered fans enjoying the nice weather



Lärje/Angered fans



Lärje/Angered fans


bläsebovallen, vy

View of Bläsebovallen





south side2

South side



View of play


bläsebovallen, vy2

View of Bläsebovallen


west end3

West End


west end2

West End



Norrby celebrating promotion



Norrby celebrating promotion



Norrby celebrating promotion


pano, bläsebovallen2



pano, bläsebovallen8