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Ground: Glänninge Park

Visits: 1

Date: 29th August 2015

Match: Laholms FK - Ullared  2-0  (Division 3 Sydvästra Götaland)

Attendance: 389


If you are driving from Kristianstad to Gothenburg, which I have done a few times over the years, you pass Laholm. I have been to Laholm several times playing table-tennis but today was the first time I have been to Laholm for football. Laholm are currently fourth in Division 3 Västra Götaland and with today´s visitors, Ullared, being top of the table I was looking forward to an interesting game. It takes around 80 minutes for me to drive to Laholm and an hour before kick-off I parked my car outside Glänninge Park. There was to be a Sommarfest (summer party) later in the evening at the ground and several other (youth) matches were going on at different pitches at Glänninge Park this afternoon as well. The ground itself is quite nice, a grass pitch and a main stand with around 250 seats. Above all there are no running tracks at the ground. After taking a few pictures I bought a burger before finding myself a good seat in the top row of the seated stand.


Being top of the table this was of course an important game for Ullared. The left part of the stand was actually the unofficial away section of the ground with plenty of fans with blue and white scarfs. Next to me was an 86-year old Ullared fan! He was expecting a close encounter and he was right. Not many chances in the first half and after 45 minutes it was still 0-0. The second half was going to be really entertaining, both teams needed the three points and Laholm went close in the 60th minute hitting the bar. A few minutes later Ullared scored but the goal was ruled out for offside. With ten minutes to go Ullared were on the offensive but after a successful counter-attack Laholm made it 1-0. Ullared then threw everything at the Laholm goal but couldn´t find the equalizing goal. Instead Laholm could score the winning goal in the last minute of normal time. 2-0 was to be the final score. That means the top four teams are within a point from each other meaning an exciting climax to the season in Division 3 Sydvästra Götaland.


glänninge park, entre

Glänninge Park, entrance


west stand

West Stand


west stand1

West Stand


north end1

North End


east side

East side


south end

South End


players entering

Players and officials entering the field



Ullared fan





west side

West side


west side1

West side


west stand2

West Stand


west stand4

West Stand


west stand3

West Stand



View of play



Free-kick, Ullared





east side2

East side



View of play





glänninge park

Glänninge Park


after the match

After the match


pano, glänninge park2