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Ground: London Road

Visits: 1

Date: 30th March 2013

Match: Peterborough - Cardiff  2-1  (League Championship)

Attendance: 9 236


At first I was planning to visit Fleetwood vs Gillingham on Easter Saturday. Two weeks ago I received a mail from a Peterborough fan though and I changed my mind. This might the last ever season with both ends terraced at Peterborough's London Road Stadium and he thought it would be a good idea for me to visit Peterborough before the ground become all-seated. After winning promotion from League 1 you have three seasons to comply with the Championship stadium regulations. This means the stadium has to be made all-seated and this was Peterborough's third and final year. I thought the rebuilding had already started and wanted to "save" London Road until building works had been completed. Anyway, a match against league leaders Cardiff City is something to look forward to and I bought a ticket for the Family Stand. From Manchester it takes around 3 hours by train and by 12.40 I arrived at Peterborough train station. I decided to visit the city centre of  Peterborough, knowing there would be an impressive cathedral to look at. The cathedral was indeed impressive and after a few pictures I left for the ground.

London Road, the home of Peterborough United since 1913, is an old-style English football ground. Only the two-tiered Family/South Stand is newly (1996) built and with both ends terraced this felt like a proper football ground. As I found my seat, in row M, I noticed the strong wind and realized this would be a cold afternoon in Peterborough. The temperature was about 5 °C but in the shadow as well as the wind it felt much colder than that. Cardiff City were backed by more than 2 000 fans this afternoon and most of them were in the Moy's End to my right. With a low roof they had every chance to generate a good atmosphere. Before and after the match they let off a yellow smoke canister, very unusual to see this in England. As the match started Cardiff looked the better team and deservedly made it 1-0 in the first half. Cardiff seemed to control things in the second half as well but then Peterborough got their chance. A penalty and suddenly it was 1-1. The home supporters woke up and for the rest of the match there was a good atmosphere inside London Road. 17 minutes before the end Peterborough were given another penalty. 2-1 to Peterborough and the Cardiff fans were seemingly stunned. Cardiff then had their chances to equalize but the match finished 2-1 to Peterborough. A very important victory for a team in the relegation zone and they now have every chance to stay up. This a another great day out for me and tomorrow I head for Villa Park and the only Premiership match on this trip.



city centre

City centre, Peterborough



Peterborough Cathedral



Peterborough Cathedral


london road, vy1

View of London Road


london road stadium

Welcome to London Road



Peterborough fans


cardiff fans, outside

Cardiff fans



Cardiff City arriving


moy's end, rear

Rear of the Moy´s End


london road terrace1

London Road terrace


north stand

North Stand


moy´s end1

Moy´s End


south stand

South Stand


flags, cardiff

Flags, Cardiff


posh fans

Posh fans


london road terrace2

London Road terrace





london road, vy

View of London Road





north stand2

North Stand


cardiff fans2

Cardiff fans



View of play


cardiff fans1

Cardiff fans





moy´s end2

Moy´s End



Goal celebrations


pano, london road2



pano, london road4