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Queens PR

Ground: Loftus Road

Visits: 2


Date: 18th August 1993

Match: Queens PR - Liverpool  1-3  (Premier League)

Attendance: 19 365


Date: 30th December 2012

Match: Queens PR - Liverpool  0-3  (Premier League)

Attendance: 18 304


My first ever trip to England was in August 1993. I stayed in London for a week back then (charter trip..) and in that week I went to three football matches. The second match on that trip was Queens Park Rangers vs Liverpool. Almost 20 years later I was back at Loftus Road for: Queens PR vs Liverpool! There was only two matches being played in England today and since I don't have any pictures from my 1993 visit I was more than pleased with Sky TV's choice of televised matches. Staying in the Paddington area of London it was a short trip to Loftus Road for me. I spent early parts of the last Sunday of 2012 in Hyde Park, walking around and looking at dogs, birds and people enjoying a rain free day. I found a cafe where I had a muffin and coffee before heading towards White City, the tube station closest to Loftus Road. Loftus Road Stadium was only a 10-minute walk away and once there you could feel the buzz of a big match.


Loftus Road is tucked in with houses and feels like an "old school" English ground. With an all-seated capacity of 18 400 it is a bit small for a London Premiership team but finding land for a new ground in these parts is not easy. My seat was in the Ellerslie Road stand, row P but I was still very close to the pitch. Loftus Road must be one of the most intimate grounds in England. To my left was the School End and for this match it was absolutely packed. This mean 2 600 away supporters and these Merseysiders/Norwegians gave their team an excellent vocal support during the match. It probably helped Liverpool were 2-0 up after 20 minutes but they for sure created a good atmosphere. It was 3-0 to Liverpool at half-time and the QPR fans were not at all pleased. The second half was more like an exhibition match than a Premiership fixture and it finished 3-0 to Liverpool. The QPR fans around me seemed more resigned than disappointed and if the club wants to stay in the Premiership they have to strengthen their team during the January transfer window. Tomorrow I head for Wales and on New Year's Day I will visit my only remaining Premiership ground, Liberty Stadium in Swansea. That will of course be a big day for me and hopefully it will be a great match as well.



Birds in Hyde Park


south africa road

Looking down South Africa Road



QPR fans


loftus road stadium

Loftus Road Stadium


we are qpr

Who are you?


ellerslie road

Entrance to Ellerslie Road Stand



Liverpool fans


school end

School End


south africa road stand

South Africa Road Stand


loftus road stand

Loftus Road Stand


bad seats

Worst seats in the ground?


school end3

A packed School End



View of play





south africa road stand2

South Africa Road Stand


loftus road, vy

View of Loftus Road Stadium


loftus road stand3

Loftus Road Stand



TV gantry








pano, loftus road1



pano, loftus road7