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Ground: Zinkensdamms Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 5th August 2022

Match: Reymersholm - Brandbergen  0-0  (Division 3 Södra Svealand)

Attendance: 120

There was time for one more trip before my summer holidays ended. Missing only one ground, Tibblevallen in Täby, in the top three divisions in Sweden I decided to go to Stockholm this weekend. At 11.01 my train left Kristianstad C and 15.45 I was at Stockholm C. For the weekend I had booked Motel L in Hammarby Sjöstad meaning I had to go by metro to Gullmarsplan where I would change to the tram. The tram was closed though and instead it was replaced by buses. As I was queuing to enter the bus a very heavy rain shower arrived and despite only being exposed for a maximum of one minute I entered my hotel soaked. Anyway, I had packed extra clothes and my wet clothes could then dry up in the room.

The opening match for me this weekend was Reymersholm v Brandbergen in Division 3 Södra Svealand. Kick-off was at 20.00 meaning I had plenty of time to get something to eat before setting off for the ground. There was actually a direct bus from my hotel to Zinkensdamms IP. In the lower league in Stockholm there are plenty of boring fenced off grounds with artificial pitches. Zinkensdamms IP on the other hand is proper ground with a capacity of around 5,000. During the winter months Hammarby play their bandy games at Zinkensdamm and for big games the ground is sold-out. Apart from Reymersholm several clubs in the lowest divisions also play at Zinkensdamm. The game tonight was 2nd v 3rd and with the runner-up ending up in the promotion play-offs it was important points at stake. Brandbergen is a fairly new club but Reymersholm has actually played one season, 1941/42, in Allsvenskan. Their Allsvenskan games were all played at Råsunda but in their promotion season the highest attendance at Zinkensdamm was 11,000!

There was free entrance tonight and the attendance shifted as fans arrived and left. I estimate around 120 stayed for most of the 90 minutes. Despite several good chances for both teams the game unfortunately ended 0-0. Reymersholm hold on to 2nd spot in the table and it will be interesting to follow their progress in the closing part of the season.


Hammarby Sjöstad




Stadium map


North End


East Stand


East Stand


South End


West Stand


Rear of the West Stand




View of play


View of play


West Stand


West Stand


Zinkensdamm under floodlights (note the plane!)