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Ground: Jernvallen

Visits: 1

Date: 6th July 2013

Match: Sandviken - Sirius  0-3  (Division 1 Norra)

Attendance: 752


Some ground visits are more special than others. My visit to Jernvallen in Sandviken was special for two reasons. It was my last ground in Division 1 Norra (and in the top three divisions in Sweden) but Jernvallen is probably more famous for being the most northern ground to have hosted a match in a FIFA World Cup. The football ground where Sandvikens IF play their matches in Division 1 Norra was opened in 1991 and has a capacity of around 3 000. Until 1991 Sandvikens IF played their matches at Gamla Jernvallen "old Jernvallen" which is situated next to the current football ground. It was at this "old Jernvallen" Sandviken played several seasons in Allsvenskan but above all it was here two matches in the 1958 World Cup was played. The old Jernvallen was rebuilt to bandy only. In 2009 a new indoor arena, "Göransson Arena", was built for the local bandy team. Göransson Arena is seen in some of my pictures below.

In 2017 I was given the opportunity to visit a game at Gamla Jernvallen, the ground used in the 1958 World Cup. Report and pictures from that visit can be found at: Gamla Jernvallen


Sandviken is around 700 km from Kristianstad and I decided to drive to Nyköping on Friday afternoon. From Nyköping it was 280 km to Sandviken. Driving through Stockholm was not too funny but I made it to Sandviken and two hours before kick-off this sunny Saturday afternoon I was outside Jernvallen. Göransson Arena is used for football matches as well and the pub was a popular destination in the warm weather, not least by the Sirius fans. Overall Sandviken felt more organised than most other clubs in Division 1 but I guess not every club has the help of an impressive indoor arena with all its advantages. This was a match between bottom (Sandviken) and top (Sirius). With 32 points from their first 12 matches everyone realised Sirius were big favourites this afternoon. Sandviken had their chances to score but the longer the match went you could see why Sirius are top of the league. In the end Sirius won 3-0 much to the delight of their 25 or so travelling fans from Uppsala. From time to time they actually created a decent atmosphere at Jernvallen. Sirius are now 9 points ahead in Division 1 Norra and will most likely play in Superettan next season. For Sandviken it is tougher, they are now bottom of the league.


For me this was the day I finally completed the top three divisions in Sweden. In two weeks time Hammarby and Djurgården will open the new Tele2 Arena in Stockholm. I will of course be there to re-complete Superettan/Allsvenskan but at the moment I feel like I need a short break from football.


jernvallen, entre

Entrance to Jernvallen


north stand2

North Stand


north stand

North Stand


east end

East End


south stand

South Stand


south stand1

Wooden benches


west end

West End



View of play


north stand4

North Stand


sandvikens if



jernvallen, vy

View of Jernvallen



View of play





south stand2

South Stand


south stand4

South Stand



Sirius fans



A warm day!



View of play





pano, jernvallen



pano, jernvallen6