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Sheffield U

Ground: Bramall Lane

Visits: 1

Date: 7th April 2007

Match: Sheffield U - Newcastle  1-2  (Premier League)

Attendance: 32 572


My original plan was to go to Sunderland for Sunderland-Wolves (in the away end) but my normal ticket provider for Wolves matches (Neil) couldn´t get me one since it was 1 ticket per STH. Instead I decided to go to Bramall Lane and I had a great day out: On the train from Manchester to Sheffield there were some Crewe supporters (going to Chesterfield) and after some beers they were in an excellent mood and started asking questions to other passengers and when I told them I was going to see Sheffield U-Newcastle, they could hear I was not English, they asked But Why ?. Travelling from another country to go to Bramall Lane ? They couldn´t understand it!


Anyway, when we arrived in Sheffield two Newcastle supporters, who had heard the discussions, started to talk to me and I joined them as we headed towards the ground. We had some good discussions about football in England and the England national team. My seat was in the upper tier of the newly built Westfield Health Stand and the match was, at least for me as a neutral, quite good. Newcastle went 1 up and in the second half both Newcastle (Sibierski!) and Sheffield U missed good chances and my neighbour i the stand was not happy with the home performance. We had some discussions about football (during half time and when there was a break) and I tried my best not to mention the England national team, but failed. Newcastle scored a late winner, my neighbour was very upset but the Newcastle supporters I met before the match were happy when we met up at the train station afterwards. We got a table on the way back to Manchester and the 60 minute journey felt like 5 as we discussed different important footballing matters and were suddenly back in Manchester. A very good day out


bramall lane

Rear of the Global Windows Stand


capital one stand

Capital One Stand


hallam kop

Hallam Kop


global windows stand

Global Windows Stand


capital one stand2

Capital One Stand


hallam kop2

Hallam Kop


global windows stand2

Global Windows Stand





michael tonge

Michael Tonge signing autographs


pano, bramall lane



panorama, bramall lane2