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Stadion Oporowska (Wroclaw)

Ground: Stadion Oporowska

Visits: 1 (non-matchday visit)

Date: 30th October 2013


Stadion Oporowska has a capacity of 8 300 and is the former home of Slask Wroclaw. When Stadion Miejski, built for EURO 2012, was ready in October 2011 Slask Wroclaw moved to that ground. Nowadays Stadion Oporowska is used for matches of Slask Wroclaw reserves.


stadion oporowska

Stadion Oporowska (view from my hotel room)


3 medaljer

3 seasons - 3 medals


stadion oporowska, entrance

Entrance to Stadion Oporowska


north end

North End


north end1

A closer look at the North End


east stand

East Stand


south end2

South End


south end

South End


south end1

A closer look at the South End


west stand1

West Stand


west stand

West Stand


slask wroclaw, club badge

Club badge


pano, stadion oporowska