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Ground: Tollarps Idrottsplats

Visits: 2

Date: 8th September 2013

Match: Tollarp - Nosaby  0-6  (Division 3 Södra Götaland)

Attendance: 490


Tollarp is a village (pop. 3 200) situated 15 km south of Kristianstad. Being close to where I grew up I have been to Tollarp many times in my life. The local football team, Tollarps IF, have been promoted twice in recent years and are now playing in Division 3. As far as I can remember I have only been to Tollarps IP once in my life. That visit was in the late 80s when Tollarp played my local team (Degeberga) in Division 5. In Division 3 Södra Götaland most teams are from the Malmö area but apart from Tollarp there is actually one more team from Kristianstad. Nosaby have a good youth academy and have established themselves at the top half in Division 3. Before this match they were third in the table and needing a win to keep up with IFK Trelleborg for the play-off spot. Tollarp are second from bottom so this was an important match for both teams. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday playing/officiating table-tennis making my visit to Tollarps IP for this derby match something I was really looking forward to.


The ground itself is quite basic with no proper stands. There are three rows of benches on the west side of the ground but apart from that you stand on the ground. When the weather is as nice as it was this Sunday in September Tollarps IP is a nice ground for football. The fact I had no less than five former pupils on the pitch made sure I was going to have an interesting afternoon at Tollarps IP. On the pitch Nosaby turned out to be far too good for Tollarp. By half-time it was 3-0 to the visitors from Kristianstad. Some of the locals weren´t happy with the referee and when the half-time whistle went someone shouted "That was be the best thing you have done in the last 45 minutes". In the second half Nosaby continued to score goals and the match eventually finished 0-6. Tollarp had a player sent off in the second half as well and this was clearly not their day. Nosaby are now only two points from a play-off spot but for Tollarp it will be a long, tough climax to the season. Currently in the relegation zone they need some wins to avoid relegation. For me this was a very short trip and also a bit different to my usual ground visits.


tollarps ip, entre

Tollarps IP, Entrance



West side



A closer look...


south end

South End


north end

North End





entre, kö

Long queue (note the time)



West side



West side


tollarps ip, vy2

View of Tollarps IP


tollarps ip, vy

View of Tollarps IP



East side



East side



East side



View of play


pano, tollarps ip1



pano, tollarps ip3