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Västra Karup

Ground: Västra Karups Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 30th September 2023

Match: Västra Karups IF - Bjärreds IF  5-0  (Division 4 Skåne Nordvästra)

Attendance: 50

The game at Ryavallen in Eket finished around 14.50 and 45 minutes later I parked my car outside Västra Karups IP. With the Västra Karup´s women's team playing at 13.00 the men's game didn't start until 16.00 and I was of course delighted to do a rare double in division 4. Västra Karup is situated on the Bjäre peninsula and being close to the sea it was actually feeling quite chilly in the blustery conditions. Once inside Västra Karups IP I noticed there was a covered stand with around 100 seats. This stand was exposed to the wind though and for most of the game I was standing behind one of the goals where the clubhouse shielded me from the wind.

Results earlier in the day meant Västra Karup were in the relegation zone and they really needed to beat Bjärred this windy afternoon. Bjärred are mid-table, in no-man's land with not much to play for. As soon as the game got underway it was obvious Västra Karup really wanted the three points and at half-time it was 2-0. In the 2nd half the hosts scored three more goals to win 5-0. In the last round next Saturday Västra Karup play Ödåkra away and with both teams now in the relegation play-off zone that is obviously a very important game. Bjärred are at home to Hyllinge and with the visitors needing to win to avoid relegation it will be a very interesting last round in this league.


Welcome to Västra Karups IP


South Stand


South Stand




East End


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North side


North side


West End


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South side


South Stand


Penalty, Västra Karup (scored)