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Ground: Finnvedsvallen

Visits: 1

Date: 25th June 2009

Match: IFK Värnamo - Östers IF  2-0  (Division 1 Södra)

Attendance: 1 080


Värnamo is situated in the heartland of Småland. With its many lakes and pittoresque settings Småland is a popular destination for foreign tourists. Värnamo is no exception and Finnvedsvallen, being surrounded on three sides by the river Lagan, must be one of the more nicely situated football grounds in Sweden. The ground has a wooden Main Stand with about 900 seats and the stand on the far side is terraced. This terrace is divided into sections by small trees and bushes (see picture below) which add some character to Finnvedsvallen.


Normally the crowds at Finnvedsvallen are 2-300 but when neighbouring Öster (Växjö) visited for this derby game more than 1 000 turned up. Öster played in Allsvenskan three years ago but after back to back relegations they are now fighting to get promotion from Division 1 to Superettan. Öster have had a bad start to the season though and today´s game was a "must win game" for them. Värnamo however scored early on and despite a number of chances Öster couldn´t equalise and with 20 minutes to go Värnamo sealed the three points with a deflected free-kick. To the huge disappointment for the 600 or so away fans Öster lost again and it seems unlikely they will be in Superettan next season.





view of finnvedsvallen

View of Finnvedsvallen (river Lagan in the foreground)


west stand

West Stand


north end

North End


east stand

East Stand


south end

South End


corner, värnamo

Corner, Värnamo





east stand2

East Stand


west stand2

West Stand


öster fans

Öster fans


pano, finnvedsvallen



pano, finnvedsvallen2