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Ground: Vinåvallen

Visits: 1

Date: 1st August 2015

Match: Vinberg - Tvååker  1-3  (Division 2 Västra Götaland)

Attendance: 744


In April I went to the local derby between Tvååker and Vinberg. The two villages are situated around 20 km from each other and the attendance back then was 570. For a match in Division 2 (level 4) 570 is a very good attendance and I decided to try and go to the reversed fixture as well. That fixture was played the first day in August and with it being a local derby, 4th vs 1st, nice weather and free entrance I was hoping for an attendance over 1 000 at Vinåvallen. Kick-off was at 14.00 and after a 2-hour drive I parked my car outside the ground an hour before kick-off. Vinåvallen is, for this level, quite a nice ground with stands on two sides. The main stand is a covered, wooden stand in the south side of the ground. The opposite side has an elevated open stand and on both sides of this stand there are plenty of benches to sit on. In April it was raining and cold. This time around it was 18-20 °C and sunny with some clouds, perfect weather for football!


Before this match newly promoted Vinbergs IF were 4th in the table, four points behind leaders Tvååker. As the match kicked-off there were plenty of people inside the ground and as the attendance was later announced as 744 I was actually a bit disappointed. 744 is the best attendance in Division 2 Västra Götaland this season but I was still hoping for 1 000 to turn up. Anyway, the actual match was a good and entertaining one. Tvååker played some great attacking football in the first half and as the whistle went for the half-time break it was 3-0 to the visitors. Former Allsvenskan player Joakim Sjöhage scored two of those goals and even though Vinberg pulled a goal back in the second half Tvååker were by far the better team and I wouldn´t be surprised if they win this league. The match finished 1-3 and Tvååker are now three points clear at the top of the table.


vinåvallen, entrance

Vinåvallen, entrance





west end

West End


north side

North side


north side, benches

North side, benches


north stand

North Stand


north side, benches2

North side, benches


east end

East End


south side

South side


south side2

South side


south side, benches

South side, benches


south stand1

South Stand


south stand2

A closer look at the South Stand



PA box


players and officials entering

Players and officials on their way





west end2

West End


west end3

Fans enjoying the nice weather


north side2

North side


north side3

North side


north side4

North side


north stand2

North Stand


north side1

North side


north side6

North side



View of play


vinåvallen, vy

View of Vinåvallen





south side4

South side


south stand3

South Stand


south stand4

South Stand


south stand5

South Stand


pano, vinåvallen2

Pano (view from southeast corner)


pano, vinåvallen4

Pano (view from southwest corner)


pano, vinåvallen6

Pano (view from northwest corner)