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Ground: Mellanhedens Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 23rd June 2022

Match: Bellevue - FC Trelleborg  1-1  (Division 4 Skåne Sydvästra)

Attendance: 120

With Friday 24 June being Midsommarafton in Sweden plenty of clubs played on Thursday evening. In Division 4 Skåne Sydvästra it was the top of the table clash between FC Bellevue and FC Trelleborg that stood out and I decided to go to Malmö tonight. FC Bellevue play at Mellanhedens IP in western Malmö meaning I had to drive through most of the city centre to reach my destination. The ground itself is very basic and definitely one of the most boring I have visited. A fenced off artificial pitch and no stands is not exactly what groundhoppers are dreaming of but I guess I can't have a nice ground all the time. Once I found somewhere to park it was only a few minutes walk but as I made it inside, 20 minutes prior to kick-off, I was the only spectator present. Being 1st v 2nd I was a bit surprised but as the game got underway the total attendance was around 120, a decent crowd at this level.

This was a tight and intense match and in the 1st half there weren't many clear chances but the visitors from Trelleborg still managed to score, 0-1 at half-time. In the 2nd half Bellevue were the better team and in the 55th minute they equalized. Bellevue kept on attacking and 20 minutes from the end they were awarded a penalty. The penalty was saved though and less than a minute later it was mayhem on the pitch. Two players, one in each team, was given the red card, and from my position that looked like a correct decision. No more goals tonight but in the last minute of stoppage time FC Trelleborg had another player sent off. Plenty of drama but 1-1 is a result the visitors from Trelleborg should be pleased about.




North side


North side


North side


View of play


East End


Penalty (saved)


South side


South side


West End


West End


West End