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Ground: Hayes Lane

Visits: 1

Date: 1st January 2019

Match: Bromley - Sutton  2-1  (National League)

Attendance: 1 428

The reason I chose to visit Swindon v Exeter was I could combine hat game with Bromley v Sutton. Kick-off at Hayes Lane was at 19.45 and I knew it would be tight for me to be in time for kick-off. At 18.15 I was at London Paddington and via the circle line I made it to London Victoria. I missed the 18.40 train with a minute but at 18.58 there was another train bringing me to Bromley South. At 19.25 the train arrived and I then walked to Hayes Lane. It took me 17-18 minutes to walk and with a few minutes to spare until kick-off I was inside Hayes Lane. Upon arrival I was greeted by Carsten from Lübeck and we decided to watch the game from the home terrace behind the goal. Hayes Lane has an artificial pitch and at the moment only around 300 seats are available. A new all-seated stand with a capacity of 1 450 is currently being built in the south end of the ground though. The north end is a nice covered terrace and at the moment the total capacity of Hayes Lane is around 4 000.

To the day two years ago I attended Sutton v Bromley but that is not a coincidence. On Boxing Day and New Year´s Day non-league play their derby games. In total 1 428 (146 from Sutton) were inside Hayes Lane for this televised National League game and Bromley v Sutton was quite an entertaining derby. Scored in the 11th minute to make it 1-0 but in the 34th minute Bromley equalized and at half-time it was 1-1. Having not eaten properly for several hours I queued at half-time for a rollover hot dog and to my surprise it only took 5 minutes to get one. If a hot dog is proper food is another discussion though! In the second half Bromley attacked the home terrace and in the 89th minute they managed to score the winning goal. 2-1 and massive celebrations around us This was my 5th and final game on this trip and thankfully the weather was very kind to football fans visiting from all over Europe. Yet another trip to the UK was coming to an end but I will hopefully be back later this season.






Players and officials entering




North Stand


North Stand


East Stand


East Stand (away section)


East Stand (home section)


View of play


South End (a new all-seated stand is being built)


West side


Main Stand