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Ground: Dalum Stadion

Visits: 1

Date: 29th May 2021

Match: Dalum - Nœsby  0-1  (2. Division, pulje 1)

Attendance: 378

Not knowing whether the lower leagues in Sweden would be allowed to start or not in June I, once again, looked at Denmark. Two weeks ago the entry restrictions for those living in a border region were relaxed meaning a negative pcr-test would be enough to enter Denmark if you live in Skåne. Looking at possible games I decide to travel to Odense for the 2. Division derby between Dalum and Nœsby. This was a game in the penultimate round of pulje (group) 1 and even though Dalum already know what league they will play in next season Naesby are fighting to avoid relegation to Danmarksserien. I took the test on Thursday afternoon and on Friday evening it was confirmed I was negative. Odense is situated on the island of Fyn and is around 2h 45 min by car from Kristianstad. As I made my way across the Öresund bridge there was not much traffic. It was very surprising, almost shocking, to find out the Danish border police was not in action this morning, at least not on the bridge. I still needed the negative test to enter the ground but it was difficult to understand why there was no border control. Kick-off was 14.00 and around noon I parked my car outside Dalum Stadion in southern Odense. The surroundings were really nice and having found a bench next to a wooden area I could eat my lunch package without being in a hurry.


Dalum Stadium is quite a nice little ground for this level. All of the spectators are in the south side of the ground and for the derby 378, best attendance of the season, showed up. Apart from a negative pcr-test I also had to bring my own chair as well as a mask. Some fans decided to sit in the few steps of concrete in the lower part of the grass slope but no-one seemed to care. Dalum had already secured their place in next year´s (new) national fourth division (name TBC) and Nœsby clearly had the bigger motivation. In the 2nd half Nœsby had most of the possession but they clearly showed why they are in danger of relegation to Danmarksserien. 10 minutes from the end the visitors finally scored and if you ask me 0-1 was a fair result in this game. Going into next weekend's final game Nœsby is a point ahead of Holbœk and it will be a nervous end to the season for those involved.


Dalum Stadion




South Stand


South Stand


West End


North side


East End


Danish flag


Players and officials entering




Fans with beer


View of play


South Stand


South Stand


Dalum fans


Dalum fans


View of play