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Danderyds SK

Ground: Danderydsvallen

Visits: 1

Date: 18th June 2022

Match: Danderyds SK - Roslagskulla  0-1  (Division 5 Stockholm Norra)

Attendance: 50

The highlight of this trip was to be the visit to Kristinebergs IP on Saturday afternoon. Before that visit there was enough time for another match and at 12.30 I found a match at Danderydsvallen, Danderyds SK v Roslagskulla in Division 5 Stockholm Norra. Danderydsvallen is 15 minutes by foot from Mörby centrum, the end station on one of the metro lines. I was at the ground 30 minutes prior to kick-off and there was already a lot of activities going on. There was a youth game about to start on the artificial pitch and to my delight I realised Danderyds SK v Roslagskulla would be played on a grass pitch. It was free entrance and the majority of those present were from Roslagskulla. There is only a tiny wooden stand at Danderydsvallen but for this game that was more than enough!

It was 0-0 at half-time but maybe it should have been 0-1. A Roslagskulla player hit somewhere near the post and the referee signalled for a goal. After a lengthy discussion with the assistant referee he changed his mind though. They said the ball hit the wheel and then bounced out. The entire ball didn't cross the line though. As you can imagine there was a lot of protests but in vain. Upon closer inspection at half-time the wheel was not in the correct position and I think the ball actually did hit the wheel. I have no idea whether the ball crossed the line or not though. These type of goals are apparently not allowed higher up in the league pyramid and it is easy to understand why.- Without the wheel it would definitely have been a goal.

In the 2nd half both teams had a few chances and 10 minutes from the end Roslagskulla the deadlock was broken, 0-1. This was to be the final score and I guess justice was done.




Teams and officials are on their way




West side


View of play


North End




East side


East Stand


East Stand


East Stand


South End


Goal or not a goal?