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Ground: Ovesholms Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 25th September 2022

Match: Ovesholm - Näsum  2-3  (Division 6 Skåne Nordöstra A)

Attendance: 200

With illness and playing table tennis preventing me from going to football in recent weeks I was pleased to find an interesting game close to home on Sunday afternoon. Ovesholm is one of two clubs, Viby being the other, in Kristianstad Kommun I still haven't visited but a top of the table clash against Näsum was an opportunity I couldn 't resist. For Ovesholm this was the last game of the season and with them being three points clear of Näsum a win today would guarantee 1st spot and promotion to Division 5. Näsum on the other hand has two games left meaning a draw or win today would set them up nicely for their last game next weekend. Slottsvallen, named after the nearby castle (slott in Swedish), is 15-20 minutes by car for me and as I parked my car it was obvious a bumper crowd was to be expected for this crucial encounter. Former Sweden (65 apps) and Panathinaikos player Mikael Nilsson started his career at Slottsvallen and is by far the most famous player to ever represent Ovesholm btw

Slottsvallen is quite a nice ground and there are plenty of elevated viewing spots around the ground. It was free entrance but I counted around 200 spectators being present. For a game at level 8 in Sweden that is an amazing attendance! As the game got underway it was the visitors who were the better team. In the 37th minute Näsum made it 0-2 and I expected a comfortable win for them today. Ovesholm managed to score two quick goals though and at half-time it was 2-2. In the 2nd half Näsum had so many good chances but somehow missed them all. In the 87th minute Näsum finally made it 3-2 but after massive protests from Ovesholm the referee changed his mind. The throw-in in the build up to the goal was taken a metre or so into the pitch but it is not very often the referee changes his mind. He had a long conversation with the assistant referee but I am convinced it was the massive protest that made him realise something was wrong with the throw-in. Eight minutes of stoppage time was announced and in the 92nd minute Ovesholm scored an own-goal. 3-2 to Näsum and a deserved victory for them. A draw for Näsum next weekend will make sure they win this league. A highly entertaining match for me and these end of the season promotion battles are something extra!






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